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The origins of Blood Type Bots can be traced back to when a seizure dropped Jakub Straka, my Slovakian copywriting partner, headfirst into a nearby sharp table corner. One ambulance ride and many stitches later, Jakub and I got to talking about blood.

A quick Google search led us to discover that blood banks and the many institutions that rely upon them (e.g. hospitals) are constantly struggling to keep up with the demand for blood. We looked at their marketing strategies and noticed nothing has really changed in decades. The typical radio ads, yard signs, and mailers were failing the industry and putting countless lives at risk every year.

How could we do better?

That's when we came up with Blood Type Bots, which is a chatbot that monitors blood supply levels in real time and messages donors within a 5-mile radius when their blood is needed most. After all, what better way to reach people than on a mobile device their eyes are glued to for 5–6+ hours per day (on average). Linked mapped directions are included in every alert to make the blood donation journey that much simpler.

We knew we were onto something special when Blood Type Bots started winning high profile industry award shows like Clios Health and SXSW's Interactive Innovation Awards. In fact, our win at SXSW helped pave the way to meetings with several interested corporations. One of those meetings, a meeting with Facebook, eventually led to the creation of a modified version of Blood Type Bots, which we can proudly say resides on Facebook’s platform and has gained significant traction since its inception.



Ryan Leckie
Jakub Straka

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Ryan Leckie

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