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Product Innovation

Pre-meal rituals have changed a lot over the years. Back then people said grace. Nowadays people hover over their plates with smartphones to get the most perfect Instagram-worthy photograph.

Camera Giving is ultimately a story of how Share the Meal hijacked one of today's most narcissistic behaviors and turn it into an action for good.

The idea modified Share the Meal's existing app by adding a limited-time-only in-app camera, branded image filters, and easy social media sharing buttons. This new feature empowered users to not only continue donating meals to those in need, but to help raise awareness via the power of social media, too.

And wow did it work.

In just a short period of time Share the Meals’ Camera Giving campaign went viral. A large number of celebrity influencers even began participating, adding additional fuel to the increasing success of the overall campaign.

All in all, the campaign resulted in 4 million new shared meals, representing a 40% increase in donations since the camera had been implemented.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case, a picture was worth a thousand new donated meals.
Phone with food and Vanessa HudgensPhone with food and Vanessa HudgensPhone with food and celebrity influencerPhone with food and celebrity influencer


Facebook Creative Shop

Creative Strategist:
Lucio Regner

Art Directors: 
Ryan Leckie
Gabriella Shigihara
Pradhan Thandra

Pam Boschma

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